EM16 Cebek piano emulator

Reference: EM-16,EM16

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Reference: EM16

Features: Works with fruits

Power: via USB: 5VDC

Mini-B USB jack on-board


Measures: 48 x 94 x 10.8 mm


The piano emulator allows you to connect up to 12 connections on its board, and if on the other side we connect 12 fruits (lemon, orange, banana, etc.), we will convert them into musical notes.

One lemon will be the DO, another will be the RE, another lemon will be the MI, and so on.

The same can be done with steps, or and convert each step of a staircase into a musical note.

This Cebek electronic board is supplied with a set of colored alligator clip cables, a USB cable and another set of Dupont cables.

1 - Use the mini USB cable to connect the module to your tablet or laptop and open a Word document by clicking on the space on the "...." plate.

2 - The four arrows on the board correspond to the up, down, left and right arrow arrows.

3 - The "Space" corresponds to the space bar, and CLK corresponds to the right mouse button.

Recommended for teachers and tutors who are interested in systems that encourage boys and girls to participate in their classes and workshops.

For applications and ideas web recommend the website: https://makeymakey.com/

"Machine installed in more than 150 schools, within the Maker Classrooms."

Machine certified and endorsed for its good use and robustness, by the Public Administration itself and different technological laboratories.

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